Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper - Dignified Smile

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Some may call this toilet paper bad taste. We prefer to think of it as a joke item that can be used tastefully or distastefully by the person using it for a practical joke.

We have two distinct Hillary Clinton toilet paper options - one with her doing a mouth wide open laugh, the other with her grinning. Hillary with the mouth wide open laugh is the more popular option. We also carry a popular Obama toilet paper as well.

This toilet paper is 2 Ply, 240 sheets, four inches in height, which is a little smaller than most rolls you would buy in the grocery store, but whether you leave this at home, leave this in the bathroom at the office, or leave this at a friend or relative's house the next time you visit, we promise you this roll of Hillary Clinton toilet paper will be money well spent.

It's even better if you remove all other toilet paper from the bathroom. That's one of our favorite gags. At the moment of greatest urgency, you will leave a Hillary fan with no choice but to use the Hillary toilet paper. 

Please, write us the tales of how you put this Hillary toilet paper to use. A few of us on the team find the stories to be supremely amusing. We promise hours of laughs with this item, or we guarantee your money back.