Trump MAGA Hat Videos: The Ten Dollar Trump Hats Wall of Shame and Hall of Honor

Below are a Series of Videos that we love to collect (please send us your favorites to 

In these videos, proud supporters of President Trump and the MAGA philosophy honorably wear their hats, and others treat them at times dishonorably. Some of these are sad videos of people acting their worst toward people in MAGA hats, alongside videos of people being their best selves in a MAGA hat. We find many of these videos to be uplifting.

Uplifting videos are our favorite, but we collect all kinds. We want to create a reserve about this strange moment in American history where Freedom of Expression was so derided by the extreme left, and how that emboldened Trump supporters. Courage is contagious, as many of these videos show.

We run our store for people just like these who are not afraid to be courageous. Every stand they take for their freedoms is a stand they take for the freedoms of everyone else. Day by day MAGA supporters are making American Great Again with their hats, with their actions, with their courage.

Thank you for your support of President Trump (which we think is really cool) and thank you for your patronage of our store. You, our customer, embolden us to be bolder and inspire us to be braver. Courage is contagious. 

Inspiring: Joy Villa Does A Trump MAGA Hat Social Experiment In New York’s Time Square. Wonderful, Uplifting Video

MAGA: The Young Black Conservatives of Trump’s America

Uplifting: Restaurant Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat - Diners Stand Up for Him | What Would You Do? | WWYD | The John Quiñones TV Show

Encouraging: Kanye West: MAGA hat “made me feel like Superman” - MAGA hat “gave me power”

Victory: Lawsuit settled over pro-Trump t-shirt worn to school - Student Wins $25,000 and Receives an Apology Letter

Double Standard: Teen Banned From Wearing MAGA Hat at School Speaks Out Unfazed

Abusive: Liberal Bus Driver Berates Boy, Forces Boy To Remove Trump Hat

Ridiculous: Man Videotapes Woman Snatching His Trump Hat And Her Going On And On About Why She Hates It, And Why Free Speech Is Evil

Sadly Funny: Female Mexican Trump Supporter Harassed For Wearing MAGA Hat

Harassed For Wearing Trump Hat At Cheesecake Factory

Uncivil: Teen Trump Supporter Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat As He Ate Dinner - Drink Thrown In Face By Bouncer, MAGA Hat Stolen By Bouncer, Bouncer Goes to Jail

Hysterical Screaming Man Alert: Vape Shop Worker Refuses to Serve Man Wearing Trump Hat, Liberal Man Grows Hysterical, Throws Tantrum

Liars: Student Confronted By Leftist For Violating “Safe Space Policy,” University Official Defends Student Saying There Is No Safe Space Policy

Broken Leg: Man Wearing MAGA Hat Assaulted While Walking In Downtown Tucson

Bad Teacher: Class Evacuated Because A Student Wore A MAGA Hat

Fired: Accountant Berates Elderly Man, Bullies On Social Media For Wearing MAGA Hat

Oh Canada: Canadian Student Harassed And Threatened To Remove MAGA Hat On College Campus

Shame on Frontier Airlines: Yet Another Meltdown Over A Trump Supporter In A MAGA Hat

Inspiring: Black Man in a MAGA Hat & American Exceptionalism