About Us

The Story of “Ten Dollar Trump Hats”

Ten Dollar Trump Hats is an American owned and operated store. We started with the intention of making MAGA hats more affordable and more accessible, because of our love for our country and our support of the 45th President. We continue to hold true to these ideals. 

In these times conservatives are told they better keep their mouths shut. Too many conservatives have listened. It’s just easier to shut up and walk away when a liberal starts ranting. 

But that behavior has helped to polarize our country. We believe if more of the silent supporters of Donald Trump showed their support and voiced their opinions, it would be good for the nation. Really it’s good to remind a liberal once in a while how important diversity of opinion is. Our work as a company is to help you trigger a liberal. 

How Your Purchase Helps To Make America Great Again  

These hats are manufactured in Asia by machines, and shipped from Asia by efficient robots and Asian employees. This website and its accompanying store are American run and American owned. 

Your purchase of this product produces American jobs, for people who spend their money in their local communities, spend their money caring for their families, and spend their money working hard to Make America Great Again. 

From our families to yours, thank you for choosing Ten Dollar Trump Hats!

We Invite You To Resell Our Products In Your Local Community 

There are no prohibitions against reselling our hats. Please feel free to sell them in your local community, at cost or even at a profit to yourself if you wish. The more MAGA hats in the world, the better it is for rational, calm, sane discussion to return to American life. 

We Ask You To Help Us Make America Great Again 

After you buy one or even a few affordable hats from us for yourself and for friends and family as gifts, please feel free to share our website on social media with anyone who you think would like it - friends, family, neighbors, local politically active people in your own community. Chances are they too might find value in our product.  

If you are going to be wearing a hat, why not let it be a hat that ruffles a few feathers and shows your pride in our country?  


Hats are shipped in two days of placing your order, but they may take 10-15 business days to reach you since they are shipped direct from the factory. This is how we keep our hat prices so affordable - we cut out the middle man and pass the savings onto you. 

This direct from the factory shipping is through an agreement with the United States Post Office, via a system called ePacket, which is a fast and affordable shipping option for light packages. 

The shipping service was designed for ecommerce, to make it more affordable and quicker for consumers to receive their purchases from online stores. ePacket tracking numbers start with the letter “L.” 

Your ePacket, shipped to the US receives United States Postal Service First Class Mail Service along with a delivery confirmation service.

All of this can be easily monitored thanks to the tracking service included with ePacket deliveries, giving customers peace of mind while their package is trying to reach them.

Your package should ship direct from the factory on the second day after you order it, and it should be to you in 10 to 15 business days after it is sent. 

You will receive a tracking number by email that you can use to track our shipment to you. You will have all the transparency about the location of your product while it is in transit that we do. Being as transparent as possible is how we like to operate as a business. 

Transparent Pricing

We keep our pricing model very transparent as well. Every hat at TenDollarTrumpHats sells for $10. Every hat costs $2 to ship. There are no additional fees on our end. Depending on whether you live in a state that charges sales tax, we will charge you sales tax.

If you live in a high tax state, we encourage you to save money on purchases by moving to a state with lower sales tax. Putting more pressure on the high tax states to reform their ways helps to drain that state’s swamp and helps to make America Great Again. 

Return Policy 

This is how we see our customers: the people who come to this website have busy lives and great intentions. They want to use their resources in life - both their time and money - to help Make America Great Again. 

Anything we can do to help someone like that have an easier time and a better day is in our best interest, in their best interest, and in our country’s best interest.

We run this store because we want our customers to be benefited by its existence. We want to do our little part to make your life better and easier. 

If for some reason you don’t like the hats you ordered from us, just let us know and we will make it right by you. We will happily make return shipping easy, offer you a full refund for the cost of the hat, and a full refund on the cost of shipping. 

We want our customers to be happy. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time in endless back and forth emails - the way we’ve all seen some merchants handle returns. We want to make a return as easy as possible for you. In the long run, we think this is a much better attitude than being stingy with a good person who simply wants to return a purchase and get on with their day. 

If that policy doesn’t sit right with you, just let us know what we can do. 

To be extra clear - if you choose to return your hat, you will be fully refunded, and will not pay anything for shipping, restocking, or any hidden fee. 

To return a product just contact us within 90 days of receiving your hat, leave the original tags on the product, and return the product in its original condition and with its original packaging. 

In case you aren’t sure where to find this policy after your purchase, we send a link to this return policy in our confirmation emails following a purchase. 

We want to assist you in having the most amazing day possible. We want you to be excited every time you put on your MAGA hat. We want you to tell your friends about Ten Dollar Trump Hats with a smile every time you receive a compliment on our product. At the very least, if we can’t give you the exact product you want, we want to give you the very best customer service.  

Free Shipping On Bulk Orders 

We know the power of the MAGA hat firsthand. To encourage the purchase and distribution of more MAGA hats, we offer free shipping on orders of ten hats or more, making for an additional 23% savings. 

We hope that price is affordable enough for you to buy them in bulk for friends, family, and neighbors. With this special offer, for as little as $100, you can make your next visit a little more special for 10 people you know. Imagine them always thinking of you and your thoughtful generosity each time they proudly put on that MAGA hat. 

Or with this special bulk order discount, our hats might be a useful item to sell at local political rallies, to encourage others with the pride and freedom that comes from wearing a MAGA hat, while earning yourself a side income. 

Contacting Us 

If you have any questions please reach out to us on the “contact us” webform and we should get back to you within 24 hours (unless you’re a troll), and believe us, in this line of work we hear from a lot of haters and trolls.

We figure some people just hate winning, and don’t want to Make America Great Again, but since we love winning and want to be part of Making America Great Again, we just agree to disagree with haters and trolls, and instead of trying to change them, we focus our own family, our own business, and our own grateful customers.