Video of Trump’s Tulsa Speech - Saturday, June 20, 2020

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Truly wonderful Trump speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s good to have him back. Below are two videos of the same speech.

OAN edits some of the applause to make the video 90 minutes, but it’s a little choppy.

Watch here:

Fox has the entire 100 minute video of President Trump’s speech. We recommend that one, for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Watch here:

Highlights from the speech were:

  • President Trump talks about how the Fake News lied about his Westpoint speech to make him look hobbled and ill. The man knows how to tell a story.
  • “The silent majority is stronger than ever before.”
  • By the end of his first term, he will have set a record for federal judges appointed: nearly 300.
  • Under Trump, the US has become and remains the dominant energy super power of the world.
  • “Joe Biden and the Democrats want to prosecute people for going to church but not for burning a church.”
  • A big thank you to the Italian-Americans who wouldn’t let the Columbus statues be taken down.
  • The 20 most dangerous cities are Democrat controlled. All cities with child poverty rates over 30% are Democrat controlled.
  • With Air Force One now 31 years old, the story of how President Trump negotiated the Air Force one deal with Boeing.
  • How the German government owes the US $1 trillion over years of underpaying for American defense from Russia.
  • The NASDAQ has again hit record highs.
  • President Trump spoke proudly of the strong military he’s helped to build and his strong record on keeping peace, going so far as to point to his critics saying “They don’t sell a lot of bombs when they aren’t dropping bombs on people. It’s called the military industrial complex.”
  • President Trump got rid of the impossible to fire bureaucrats at the VA. Passed VA Choice so vets can see a doctor more quickly. VA now has approval rates from patients of 91%, the highest ever.