Meme Contest: Winning The Meme War 2.0

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Meme Contest: Winning The Meme War 2.0

To encourage and help fund the meme wars, Ten Dollar Trump Hats will be holding a contest for the best pro-Trump memes, the best conservative memes, and the best libertarian memes.

How to Enter: Make a meme and send it to us.

Tweet us or send a Gab to us with your entry and this statement included in the text portion of the message:

“I have created this meme. It is a #WinningTheMemeWar2 submission. (@HatsFor10) is allowed to republish it. RT by 1/29/20 2/15/20 to upvote this meme.”

Cost of Entry: There is no cost to enter.

Contest Winner: The meme with the most retweets on Twitter or the most reposts on Gab by 11:59pm Central Time on January 29, 2020 February 15, 2020 will be the winner.

Honorable Mentions Each Week: Each week honorable mentions will be monitored from 12:01am Friday until 11:59pm the following Thursday, and will be open to new tweets from that week. Honorable mentions will be announced each Friday and will win a gift from the Ten Dollar Trump Hat catalog.

Why: Memetics is the study of viral ideas. We want to help support and encourage the meme wars. We want to help encourage the spread of good values in a way that has a propensity to spread. We want to encourage more free thought. We want to encourage more free speech. We want to encourage more people to push the boundaries of thoughtful political and cultural dialogue in pursuit of truth. Doing so is good for America and good for the world.

Cash & Prizes:

First place: $500

Second place: $250

Third place: $100

Ten honorable mentions: $50

Weekly honorable mentions will receive a gift from the Ten Dollar Trump Hat catalog -

Prizes are payable in US Dollars or the currency of the alt right - Bitcoin.

When: Contest begins 12:01am Central November 29, 2019 and ends 11:59pm Central January 29, 2020 February 15, 2020. Honorable mentions each week will be announced on the Twitter feed (@HatsFor10) and Gab feed (@HatsFor10) on Friday’s.

No Compiling of Retweet Grand Totals:

1.) The original submission by the creator of the tweet -OR- 2.) any duplication of that original tweet (whichever has more retweets) will be counted for the purposes of the contest. We will not attempt to calculate a grand total of all outstanding tweets featuring a given meme. We will not calculate grand totals across platforms. A meme on Gab with 5,000 reposts will beat a second meme that has both 4,999 retweets on Twitter and 4,999 reposts on Gab. Only the single most retweeted tweet or reposted Gab will be considered.

Caveat: We won’t agree with every meme we see, and we won’t agree with every meme that receives prizes. We aren’t seeking to have our own thoughts repeated back to us. We want to feel a little triggered. We want to feel a little inspired. We want to see memes that will change our minds, and that we can’t help but want to retweet. We want to support those who stand up for free thought and free expression in pursuit of the truth. Judges reserve the right to dismiss or demote any memes that aren’t dank enough to deserve recognition in this contest, which is a contest aimed to encourage more pro-Trump, pro-conservative, and pro-libertarian memes that effectively deliver potent messages. It is our hope to leave voting entirely in the hands of users on Twitter and Gab.

Entry & Voting Limits: There is no limit to how many times a person may enter. There is no limit to how many memes a person may vote for by retweeting. There are no limits to how many prizes can be won by one individual. Ten Dollar Trump Hats employees are disqualified from participating. Contest judges may choose to exclude tweets with less than 250 retweets or reposts.

Found Material: Submissions are allowed to include any found material. A single line drawn, a single letter placed, a single corner cropped, will all be enough to deem a work original. Judges reserve the right to demote or disqualify anyone attempting to game this found material reuse-friendly policy, if the meme appears to entirely rely on a single piece of found material and does not in some way build upon the foundation of the found material - for example through the use of drawing, the addition of text, or cropping, at a minimum. We hope to leave all voting to Twitter and Gab users.

Reporting Unoriginal Content: As the goal of this contest is to generate original, thought-provoking content, anyone who believes themself the creator of a meme entered into the contest by another person, is welcome to respond to the original submission and challenge its originality in the public and open manner allowed by these platforms. The judges will take these disputes into consideration. A gentlemanly resolution to the conflict that does not involve the judges would be preferred.

Submission of New Content: All meme warriors may enter, and are encouraged to enter, even if a meme was not created specifically for this contest. New content is preferred. Ideally, a meme will have spent no more than a few days in circulation before being submitted. Judges may demote or disqualify those entries that violate the spirit of this policy.

Thank You & Good Luck: Our last contest #WinningTheMemeWar2019 was a true joy for us to host with so many fantastic entries. We truly believe in the power of memes to hit a person in the mind and in the feels and hope that we can play even a small part to encourage some of the best meme warriors and some of the best memes as we ramp up for the 2020 Meme Wars. Good luck to all and thank you in advance for your participation as a voter and most importantly as a contributor !!


- The Ten Dollar Trump Hats Team